LSCS / Vaginal Delivery

What is LSCS?

Lower Segment Cesarean Section (LSCS): It is the most commonly preferred method wherein a horizontal or transverse incision is made on the lower part of the abdomen to deliver the baby. It involves less blood loss and is easier to repair than other incisions employed for the purpose. The incision also is low so cosmetically more acceptable. The LSCS can further be graded depending on when it is performed

  • Emergency C Section: When there is suspected danger to the mother’s or baby’s condition an emergency section is resorted to.
  • Elective Cesarean Section (Planned C-Section): The Cesarean is planned and done on a specific date chosen by the patient and the doctor after assessing the maturity of the baby.

What is Vaginal Delivery?

A spontaneous vaginal delivery (SVD) occurs when a pregnant female goes into labor without the use of drugs or techniques to induce labor, and delivers her baby in the normal manner, without forceps, vacuum extraction, or a cesarean section.